Comparison Between Tanked Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters

Are you got stuck in choosing between tanked water heaters and tankless water heaters?

We are here for your help. As a true helper, we will make sure to help you and provide you best research and reviews about both tanked and tankless products. Both products have many advantages and disadvantages. here we will discuss the pros and cons of both products this information will help you out in choosing between both of these products.

Both heaters have their important features according to their use. Customers chose these heaters on the basis of their needs and facilities.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are the heater which doesn’t have any tank, it provides you instant hot water. it works when you need water. It instantly switches off when you turn off your tab. These heaters are modern, use indoor. The closed houses and flats can use it as a better choice for them.


  • Low operating cost of tankless water heaters:

In our research, all the tankless water heaters start heating when you need water or you open your tab. It doesn’t require any energy before you need hot water. These are instant water heaters that use minimum energy then the traditional water heaters require energy every time because it has to pre-heat water before you use it. The less use of energy the less will be its operating cost. It can save above $100 yearly.

  • Never run out of hot water:

It’s a big advantage of tankless water heaters, these heaters will never run out of hot water they can provide you continuous hot water. It instantly hots the water and provides you hot water. No fear of running out of hot water during bath. Most tankless water heaters have 4.5 GPM water flow which is amazing as it provides you the instant hot water you didn’t need to wait for or wastewater.

  • Low water heating time:          

It takes only 1 to 3 minutes maximum for heating up. We had written this time a little extra but in all the advertisements for these tankless water heaters, they had mentioned instant heating without any waste of water.

We can also mention this but we provide you confirmed information from the customer reviews.

  • Small in size:

It has a small and compact design that can be adjusted anywhere in your house. Most of these tankless water heaters have the size of a small suitcase. No extra space is required it can be hung over the wall or fix in a small cabinet. You see tankless water heater’s small size can maintain your house. In flats and fully closed houses, there is not much space for a big tanked water heater. Their adjustment quality is appreciating. Most people choose tankless water heaters only because of their size and their beautiful design.

  • Life span:

The life span of the tankless water is 2 times larger than these tanked water heaters. They have a larger life span because they do not have any tank and which will damage or they do not work all the time, they only work when you need water. All-time working of heaters damage them and decrease their life span. The less working of these heaters increases their life span. It has 20 to 30 years of life span, which is more than the average life span.

Minimal Maintenance:

The maintenance of these tankless water heaters is minimal. They don’t require annual maintenance. These tankless water heaters can save your maintenance bills. Tankless water heaters are costly but they save your money wasting on maintenance. It requires maintenance after many years.



  • High purchase price:

The tankless water heaters have a high purchase price. They have a low operating price, minimal maintenance but a high purchase price. The purchase price of these products starts from 1000$ and best products have about 5000$ purchase price. we know that the purchase price of these products is not easily affordable.

  • Low Rate of flow of water:

The disadvantage of these tankless water heaters is they have a low rate of flow of water. The rate of flow of water of tankless water heaters doesn’t match with tanked water heaters. Its flow rate is half of the tanked water heaters. It provides you instant hot water that’s why it has a low flow of water.

  • Low GPM:

It has very low GPM concerning tanked water heaters. The tankless water heaters provide you 4.9 max GPM. According to tanked water heaters, this GPM is half. If you want high GPM then choose tanked water heaters.

Work with maximum 2 showers at a time

You can understand it provides instant hot water that’s why it can’t work with many showers at a time. It can work efficiently with 1 or 2 showers.

  Tanked waters heaters

These heaters have tanks along with them. You can attach a tank according to your needs. They work contentiously to provide you hot water. Tanked water heaters have very few pros.


  • Low purchase cost:

The tanked water heaters have a low price. These products don’t as high as the tankless water heaters. Its low cost makes it affordable to everyone. We prefer you these products if you have a budget of 800$ to 2000$. These heaters are budget-friendly, larger but it has preheated water.

  • High GPM:

These tanked water heaters have high GPM. They can provide you 9 to 12 GPM maximum which is high GPM and it is more than tankless water heaters. They have stored water in the tank. It is an amazing feature of these products.

  • Maximum 3 showers at a time (on the basis of tank size):

As you know these products have stored water in a tank that’s why these products can run more than two showers at a time. if you need extra time at the same time then these tanked water heaters are really helpful.


  • High operating cost:

 The operating cost of these tanked water heaters is high because these heaters work continuously. These water heaters have to heat the water before its use. The hot water stored in the tank and burner is under that tank and works continuously. The operating cost of these heaters is 2-times of tankless water heaters. If they have low purchase cost then they have high operating cost monthly. The continuous use of energy increases its monthly bills. In our opinion 1-time, high cost is better than monthly high billing.

  • Limited water:

Tanked water heaters have stored pre-heated water that’s why it has limited water if the preheated water ends you must have wait for again hot water. sometimes excessive use of hot water will make you run out of hot water. Because of this limited water mostly buyers were unhappy.

  • High heating time:

Tanked water heaters require extra time for heating water. Once if the stored hot water ends it requires 20 to 30 minutes for again heating water for use. If you need a large amount of water and you don’t want to run out of hot water then you should not buy this product because it can provide you hot water with a high flow but it is limited and it takes time for heating water.

  • Large size:

Tanked water heaters have a large size because they have a storage tank. These water heaters can’t fit everywhere you need extra space for them. They have almost times larger than a tankless water heater. If you have a small house then you should not choose a tank water heater.

  • Life span: 

Tank water heaters have a small life span because of the permanent storage of water. water cause rust which decreases its life span. You have to change these heaters after every 10 to 15 years after this life span heater show issues and their service become low. These issues and repair may cost more

  • Yearly maintenance:

Tanked water heaters require yearly maintenance because of their tank. Its tank should be cleaned before using it again. If it has low cost then it has yearly maintenance cost which will make same or more cost like a tankless water heater. it’s your choice which one product you need for your house.


You can see the conclusion by the comparison of these products. Both of these products have pros and cons. You can choose according to their pros and cons. In our opinion, we find out a tankless water heater is more efficient than tanked water heaters. If tankless heaters are high in cost then these heater saves your money in many ways. If tanked water heaters provide you high water flow and GPM then they waste money in many ways. The decision is all yours we provide you best information we have.


 Qno.1: Which one heater is better for continuous use of hot water?

For the continuous use of hot water, we can suggest you a tankless water heater because there is no limit to water in these water heaters. You can use continuous hot water because it heats water instantly.

Qno.2: Why the operating cost of a tanked water heater is higher than tankless water heaters?

Tanked water heaters have a storage tank that uses energy continuously for heating water. Tankless water heaters turn on when you need hot water and they turn off after you close the tab. That’s why the operating cost of a tanked water heater is higher than tankless water heaters. The operating cost is the monthly bills of energy used by these heaters

Qno.3: Which one has easy installment?

Tank and tankless water heaters are installed in the almost same way but tankless water heaters have installment costs. It may use more than 1000$ in installment.

Qno.4: Which one is budget-friendly?

Tankless water heaters have a high purchase price and installment price but it is more useful and save your money in other ways like low bills, and minimal maintenance. On the other hand, tank water heaters have a low purchase price and installment price but it has other expenses like yearly maintenance and high operating cost.

Qno.5: list any 10 best tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are categorized with three different ways of energies:




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